Am I Safe?

“Every time I heard someone say, “I am safe,”
the child in me hid.

When asked what safety meant to me, I replied, “complete trust and vulnerability.” I had the idea of safety in my head, but it couldn’t reach
my body and my heart…”


Living with mental illness is like a full-time job.

Except instead of getting paid, you keep getting depleted.

You’ve struggled and slogged. A Google search for “depression” pulls up hits by the thousand.

But what actually works? Where do you start? And who can you trust to guide you? 

7 years ago, I was in your shoes.

Bipolar disorder ended the career of my dreams. I could try to increase or change my medication, the gold standard for mental healthcare, but I already felt terrible. I took a 1500 milligram mood stabilizer every night and was so tired by day I’d jerk awake at the wheel. Could there be a better way?

I failed to cure my mental illness.

I tried a lot of things and couldn’t eradicate it completely. But once I stopped seeing my illness as my enemy, my limitations laid in love began to shape real hope. I learned how to go beyond my symptoms to treat my body at the roots. And the holistic path to healing improved my life in every way. 

I’m Lauren H. White, M.A.T.

I’m an author, advocate, and mental health coach. I’m also wife to David, mom to Merry, and dog-mom to Thor. When I’m not in the kitchen or outside with my family, you can find me listening or writing songs and poetry.

I may not have cured my mental illness, but I’ve learned how to heal.  

Because of bipolar and PTSD, I learned how to cultivate mind, body and soul health beyond the symptoms and surface. I discovered that lasting mental recovery treats the whole person and takes the fruits down to their roots. 

Mental health coaching is like a bridge between you and your resources, be they specialized providers or practices at home. I help you assess how you want to move forward, supporting your process with mindsets and tools. I show you what works, so you can decide what works for you.

Through Coaching, you will learn your options.

Here are some areas I specialize in…

Gut-Healing Nutrition & Suppplements (like GAPs)

Rethinking Exercise to Move Our Bodies Without Pushing Them 
Too Hard

Caregiving with Dignity, Teaching Wise Choice and Boundaries

Experiencing Spiritual Renewal through Rituals of Kindness & Rest

Relating to the Self and Others with Compasionate Empathy 

Alternative and Trauma
Therapies (like EMDR and neurofeeedback)

Ready to stop treating symptoms and recover at your roots?

Mental Health Coaching starts @ $35/hour, 

or a Beginner’s Package (3 sessions, 1 hour each, for $99).

That’s an hour of open listening and Q&A, recorded over Zoom and emailed right to you.
Replay anytime.

Lots of people benefit from the 3 session-stack because you have time in between to try things out.
We go at your pace and your specific wants and needs.
You get holistic resources and direction for your next right step.

Dig Deeper. 

You can keep trying to manage your symptoms…

…or we can slowly heal the roots.


 Mental wellness prepares you for a more hopeful future, 
a road you don’t have to walk alone.

  Treat your whole person and learn at what works 
so you can decide what works for you.


Heal Your Roots, 

and Your Fruits Grow Too! 🙂 

Let's Talk.





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