Lauren has been blogging her journey to heal bipolar since 2014. In a holistic approach to restore mental health, her writing covers a range of topics. She found better ways to support her body with nutrition and movement, and nurtured her heart & soul through community, spirituality and emotional balance. Choose a category from the healing paths, enter a search term on top menu magnifier, or browse the latest posts below.

New Poem Published: Nightwatch

Image by Joe at Pixabay My new poem, Nightwatch, is live at The Mudroom! "I follow crumbs at Dusk along the damp Earth. Will tomorrow'sMaterialize?I wish I had your wings,Could soar free and See the water, theMoon reflected whole..."Read the rest here.

Spiritual Healing: Body Memory

Image by Activeda (TW: trauma, abuse) I had to watch a sexual abuse prevention training for work this week. The videos detailed how victims are selected and groomed by their abusers. Most abuse happens with trusted people that their families already know. I knew...

Am I Safe?

Beautiful questions lead to beautiful answers. (Image by Руслан Сикунов from Pixabay) From a young age, I have felt unsafe. My body remembers what trauma felt like, so it is difficult for me to relax and let down my guard. At the worst of my PTSD, before I was...

Mold Detox: How I’m Healing Without Having to Leave

   Pins & Needles The pain was erratic. Hands, torso, feet, the tiny needles stabbed my nerves at random for a couple seconds, then disappeared. Then there was the bloody discharge in my ears, nose and chest. It would appear for a few days or weeks, then vanish....

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