Lauren has been blogging her journey to heal bipolar since 2014. In a holistic approach to restore mental health, her writing covers a range of topics. She found better ways to support her body with nutrition and movement, and nurtured her heart & soul through community, spirituality and emotional balance. Choose a category from the healing paths, enter a search term on top menu magnifier, or browse the latest posts below.

Mold Detox: How I’m Healing Without Having to Leave

   Pins & Needles The pain was erratic. Hands, torso, feet, the tiny needles stabbed my nerves at random for a couple seconds, then disappeared. Then there was the bloody discharge in my ears, nose and chest. It would appear for a few days or weeks, then vanish....

How to Help Seasonal Depression: 9 Tips and Tools

The earth lies dormant in Winter, and I want to hibernate too. With my bipolar disorder, feeling depressed after New Year’s can drag all the way through March. I’ve learned to expect the post-holiday struggle, and push roots deeper to thrive in the chill. If you have...

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