Lauren has been blogging her journey to heal bipolar since 2014. In a holistic approach to restore mental health, her writing covers a range of topics. She found better ways to support her body with nutrition and movement, and nurtured her heart & soul through community, spirituality and emotional balance. Choose a category from the healing paths, enter a search term on top menu magnifier, or browse the latest posts below.

Everyday Impossible: Momhood with Mental Illness

In the months following your daughter’s birth, you come to realize an important truth: being a mom with mental illness is not just hard. It’s impossible. It’s impossible when you're manic, postpartum and on medication to breastfeed your baby, so you have to let go of...

Watch the Manna Fall: Merry’s Birth Story

Today, tomorrow and long ago, God provides food for the people He loves. The people are stranded in the desert. No food. Worried that they'll starve. So every day on their lunch break, God rains bread down from the sky, enough to feed them and their families until...

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