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Lauren H. White’s love for stories and stacks of journals led to an English major and college contributions of poetry and journalism. She began blogging while on medical leave from teaching in 2014. She wanted to return to the students she loved, but medication couldn’t stabilize her declining mental health. Lauren’s dream career was over. Bipolar depression had taken her down. She cried out.

In the death and darkness, new life began to root. Friends shared their table and a story of hope, how they’d improved the wife’s bipolar through cleansing with food. Lauren and her husband David received their guidance as an answer to prayer, and began the journey to heal Lauren’s bipolar in a holistic way. A new psychiatrist revealed an additional diagnosis, PTSD; healing her body and mind needed alternative nutrition to seal her gut and neurofeedback therapy to restore her brain. God’s love and community guided progress for Lauren and the birth of their daughter, Marion Rose, in 2017. They continue to walk a challenging road through suffering, holy provision, and the support of doctors and friends.

Lauren writes to plant seeds of beauty, nourishing the body and strengthening the soul. You can connect with her through the #deephealbipolar blog, on Instagram and Pinterest, or by email at To receive her monthly encouragement in your inbox, enter your address below.


I write to keep breathing. I sing with full lungs.
I pray that the sash I’ve flung wide and open
where the sea blows in and the light shines strong
will carry you homeward and anchor your calm.

You can batten down and shutter,
you can trust and carry on.
But I will tell the stories.
I’m a writer. I’m a song.


weekly words of hope
from Lauren

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