No Cure

“There’s no cure for mental illness,” my psychiatrist said. A gentle man with years of experience, I trusted his compassion and training. His care and prescriptions sustained me through college without a mental break. He was a blessing, and it was enough. 

Then in 2014, shortly after marrying the man I respected most, bipolar depression ended my career. 10 hours of sleep couldn’t cut the side effects of 150 milligrams nightly in my veins. I was too sick to teach or get pregnant safely. My dreams were dead, my future gone. I cried out.


Hope to Heal

That weekend, we had dinner with Julie & Paul. They understood the well bipolar sunk into our marriage, a dark lament where longing still dwelled. They told how Julie had improved her symptoms through cleansing food, lessening her need for high-dose meds. Suddenly we had hope that the progression could be halted, a miracle medicine alone could not do. And in time, my healing began to take root. I repaired my gut with GAPS nutrition, supplements and metal detoxification. Alternative therapies changed my mind: homeopathy, aromatherapy, EMDR, herbal infusions, neurofeedback. Mania caused by copper toxicity? There was much to learn, so much I didn’t know.

Patient & Present

What would give you room to breathe? I’m here to listen. Your living mind bears grace with power, a sacred Presence of restoring growth. I am not a doctor but a patient sage between, sharing with you treatments that work holistically, so you can choose what works for you. Trace the muddy steps of my early journey on the blog. I post weekly on Instagram and curate recipes on Pinterest. Receive stories and resources right to your inbox by asking for Joy-Seeds, below. And for questions about coaching, email 

Welcome to the Garden! Nourished, you will grow. 





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