1 Hour of Mental Health Coaching


Just this week, get a personalized coaching session for $25/hour. Mental health coaching is like a bridge between you and your resources, be they specialized providers or practices at home. I help you assess how you want to move forward, supporting your process with mindsets and tools. I show you what works, so you can decide what works for you.


Ready to stop treating symptoms and recover at your roots? Mental Health Coaching starts @ $35/hour, or a Beginner’s Package (3 sessions, 1 hour each, for $99). Your hour includes open listening and Q&A, recorded over Zoom and emailed right to you. Replay anytime. Lots of people benefit from the 3 session-stack because you have time in between to try things out. We go at your pace and your specific wants and needs. You get holistic resources and direction for your next right step. For the beginner’s package, email hello@laurenhwhite.com to schedule a free consultation and see if it’s a good fit.